An Emergency Department (ED) of Healthsure Multispeciality Hospital is a specialized casualty department provides medical treatment facility specializing in emergency medicine. The emergency service of this hospital is a top class service, provides initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses, injuries and life-threatening conditions that require immediate attention. Healthsure Multispeciality Hospital ambulance quickly reaches the patient’s home or the site of accident and trained staff initiates lifesaving treatment without loss of precious time.

The emergency department of Healthsure Multispeciality Hospital operates 24 hours a day with 24 Hours health care professionals availability, including paramedics and physicians and their fast and prudent decisions on life-and-death cases are critical in hospital emergency department.

Hospital’s emergency department is located on the ground floor, with its own dedicated entrance. As patients can present at any time and with any complaint, a key part of the operation of an emergency department is the prioritization of cases based on clinical need. The most seriously ill or injured patients is been dealt with in this area, as it contains the equipment and staff required for dealing with immediately life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Typical resuscitation staffing involves are with trauma and Advanced Cardiac Life Support training.

Advanced diagnostic testing is done to diagnose accurately, including Laboratory testing of blood and/or urine, X-Ray, ECHO,  Ultrasonography and so many. Depending on underlying causes of the patient’s chief complaint he/she is admitted to the hospital for further treatment. The major problems treated in emergency department of hospital is Cardiac arrest, Heart attack, Trauma, Mental illness, Asthma, COPD and so many.