Concealment Program

We don’t obtain your’s personal information, like names or addresses, when you visit our Site. It’s totally depends upon your’s desire.

This process is taken under Registration section. The section below explains to collect the technical information when you visit our website (After submission).

We depicts only information regarding services that we provide in our institute.

The information we collect and store about your visit is listed below:

  • The Internet domain of your service provider vider (e.g. and IP address (an IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you’re surfing the web) from which you access our website.
  • The type of browser (such as Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer) and operating system (Windows, Linux) used to access our site .
  • The date and time you accessed our site.
  • The pages/URLs you have visited and
  • If you reached this website from another website, the address of that referring website.

This information is only used to help us make the site more useful for you. With this data, we learn about the number of visitors to our site and the types of technology our visitors use.

Information send by you

We do not collect personal information for any purpose other than to respond to you (for example, to respond to your questions or provide subscriptions you have chosen). If you choose to provide us with personal information— like filling out a Contact Us form, with an e-mail address or postal address, and submitting it to us through the website—we use that information to respond to your message, and to help you get the information you’ve requested.